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Neon Signs

From simple neon OPEN and neon CLOSED signs to multicolored neon logos and neon window borders, Signarama can light a path to increased sales and visibility. By using neon lights, you can make a bright statement night or day with our help.

The retail sector is a familiar place to see the impact neon signs can have from Signarama. Some examples of businesses that commonly use neon signs are : florists, dry cleaners, sports and sporting goods stores, bars and restaurants, butcher shops, fast food establishments, rental centers, gyms and health clubs, beverage centers, banks, video rental stores, smoothie shops, ice cream parlors, pawn shops, barbers and hairstylists, do it yourself home centers, bail bondsmen, movie theaters, night clubs, pet stores, and furniture stores.

Neon signs can be seen from far distances and are effective in bright sunlight. Neon lit signs are best visible at night, where high visibility colors and logos are commonly used to direct and capture attention. Neon signs can be used indoors or outdoors with a consideration for keeping them away from any hands or possible impact. Neon signs are usually positioned behind protective glass windows or plastic to keep the glass tubing and transformers safe from any potential hazards. Most neon signs are purchased for permanent (not temporary) use. Signarama neon lights and custom neon signs provide a long lasting and very colorful solution to promotional signage. Many different colors can be created and the colors can hold their brilliance for many years without fading.

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